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Here on KinkySwipe you can make all your kinky fantasies come true. Meet people with the same kinky fantasies. Exchange exciting experiences and meet your ideal partner for a nice online kinky sex date via chat and more.

How kinky do you want it

Perhaps with kinky you should immediately think of heavy bondage, strap-on dildos and SM sex. However, there are many different forms of kinky dating and kinky sex. How about handcuffs, a tight and horny leather skirt? There are different types of kinky sex. The nice thing about kinky sex is especially discovering the unknown. By experiencing it you can only determine what you like and what is just a bit too kinky for you. Start a chat about kinky sex and find out how sexy and horny it is on KinkySwipe.

Kinky sex in all the top cities of America

A kinky date is of course super exciting. But how about a kinky chat? This website is frequently visited by members in all of America's top cities. So the members come from different cities such as New York, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and more. As a result, there is always someone in your area or in your city who is also online. Finding a kinky contact can be a breeze. Search directly between hundreds of profiles for a hot lady for a delicious horny conversation about kinky sex, a swing date, hookup or a one night stand.

Mobile compatible 

You can use KinkySwipe wherever you want. You can access the site via your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. So you don't have to wait hours to answer a message of a nice match. You can connect to your matches wherever you want, whenever you want and how much you want via your mobile. You are therefore always available to the people who try to contact you.

Quick and Easy Registration process 

The registration process on this site is not only free, but also very simple. On the homepage of the site there is an online click-through form that you can fill out and send to the administrators of the site. In this form you fill in whether you are male, female or a couple and whether you are looking for a male, female or a couple. You also enter your email address, password, age and zip code. After processing all the data, having clicked on registration and confirming your registration, you can immediately start finding a nice kinky hookup, swinger date and more. So register today for free on Pros

  • Free Registration
  • Good Chat Options
  • Modern Cons

  • Mainly Younger Girls
  • Membership Required Reviews

    sending pictures in chat

    A blessing and the curse of this app is the ability to send and receive pictures. This does allow for unsolicited cock shots within a few messages and in fact the first message without even an introduction

    I needed to be here

    I'm an attractive 55-year-old female and due to the nature of my job, don't get out to meet anyone. I found this site and it was what I needed. A place to feel safe and find hook-ups with no complications


    I always wanted to have as many threesomes as I can. I found cool combinations: 2 girls, couples, a girl wanting me to bring a nice looking male friend.

    A lot of attention

    I signed up a while back. I got a lot of attention. It's better than therapy!

    Lets Party

    Dating sites have always been a bust. I decided i'll give it ONE more try...Happy I did because WOW the choices. So many EXTREMELY SEXY guys and girls to pick from. Glad I took another chance!!!

    HOT Guys
    HOT Girls

    Weird Ads

    Kinky of all types

    I am a man into watersports if you know what I mean, and I was tired to tell the women I dated this and see them run away, so I entered here and actually found some ladies with the same pleasures as myself, so I can say I am really satisfied with this app

    Kinky is the common ground

    If you want a steady relation, this is not ok for you. If you are looking for one night stands, it's great!

    Try it

    As an addition to other sites works fine for me. I love the concept - easy and fun. If you never tried it, you definitely should.

    I found kinky girls in here

    I am the kind of guy that likes spanking, choking, leather accessories. Not easy to find dates. I found some girls in here that meet my needs and then some more!

    you can find slaves, you can find submissive girls.

    Found my leather master

    When I registered here I thought I have mastered my fetish with leather. And then I started to talk to HIM... he is the master of leather and bondage and knows way more than me. He is my pleasure teacher

    no categories for each fetish

    I am a kink freak

    I was not expecting to find what I wanted in here, but it happened.

    I got fucked!

    It took some time, about 2 weeks to find someone. But now we are regulars and going to swingers party(my main goal was to find someone and not go alone).

    No categories for easier search

    All in

    I paid for a full year because it was cheaper per month. I hooked up really fast, unexpected so it was worth dor me

    Kinky at its finest

    Let me start by telling you that installing this made all my fantasies come true! I found some kinky girls in here. some educated me, as I imagined I know it all, but I was surprised to see that I do not.

    Kinky girls

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