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Our Team

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The Internet sure is a great place to find solutions for most problems today. You can find a house, buy a car, get groceries. And of course, you can find love, but most importantly you can find someone to spend a few hours having fun with. 

Like with any other digital service out there, the Internet is filled with thousands of options when it comes to places to look for a one night stand or a sexy encounter, some less recommendable than others. This is why Onenighreviews.com was born. Our mission is to provide you with an objective guide to the best erotic dating services out there

Our squad of dating experts scours the Web in search of the latest sex dating platforms, tries them out and gives it a score, so when you're feeling ready to have some fun, you don't have to do the hard work! 

Meet Josh. He describes himself as a Serial Dater, and for the past year, he's been leading our team of dating gurus. Josh's background is in journalism, so combining writing with his decade-long experience in using dating sites made for an explosive combo!


Karen has been with Onenighreviews since its inception, and we're thrilled she's still enjoying it so much. Don't let her serious businesswoman looks deceive you. Karen loves to have fun, and she enjoys equally the company of ladies and gents. She definitely knows where to look for her next f-buddy.


When Alex told us he and his girlfriend enjoy checking out the sexy dating scene to occasionally break the routine we were absolutely delighted to have him join our team. After all, what could possibly be better than two expert opinions for the price of one! As an added benefit, Alex's background in User Experience guarantees he casts a critical eye on every dating site's ease of use and overall feel.