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Sexual preference does not matter

Everyone from the age of 18 is welcome on this site. It doesn't matter if you are straight, gay or bisexual. You are also at the right place for BDSM sex, kinky sex, SM sex and more. There is no discrimination and everyone is treated with respect. So do you want to meet a shemale or do you want to get a swing date with your partner? Sign up quickly and easily on Well Hello dating. There is something for everyone on this site.

Very user-friendly

The website of Well Hello dating is very clear and user-friendly. The site itself is simple, straightforward and all functions and options are easy to access. Once you are on the homepage of the site you will immediately see the login button for existing members and the registration form for people who want to register on this site. You will also see the profiles of the top members of this site. You cannot click on their profiles yourself to find out more about the person in question, but you will see the photos and profile names of the users. A disadvantage is that you can only obtain more information from other users once you have become a member. You will also receive an overview with testimonials of people who have been on this site before. For some members Well Hello is the ultimate dating site for hot hookup dates and for others an epic dating site to share their sexual fantasies with others. Do you want a hookup date with a man, woman or a couple? Everything is possible through WellHello.com. All you have to do is create your own account and get started with finding your own Well Hello date.

This dating site is also mobile compatible which means that the site can be accessed via your desktop as well as from your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. So are you on the bus or do you have spare time at work or are you bored? Login from your comfortable place and start searching for interesting dates on WellHello.com.

Customer service

If you still have questions or comments with regard to the WellHello dating site, please feel free to contact the customer service. You can do this by clicking on the tab "contact" and then fill in the online contact form which will appear. In this form you enter your username, email address and message. The customer service will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Wellhello.com Pros

  • Easy to chat to someone
  • Free Registration
  • Millions of profiles
  • Quick support

Wellhello.com Cons

  • Some ads
  • Too many chats when you first login

Wellhello.com Reviews

    Upgrade your membership on desktop. Cheaper

    I got a cheaper subscription by entering the desktop version. It was worth it!

    If you want an affair, this is the place to be

    This is perfect for extramarital affairs. I use it on my computer, hidden in a tab, and secure from the meddling eyes of my wife. I even made a special e-mail for this play of mine. How did I have my first threesome? A bisexual girl started talking to me, things got hot, she asked me if I would be interested in joining the fun she has with her girlfriend. I'm not crazy, ofc I did! Oh maaan! what a treat!!! Now we meet in hotel rooms. I don't even know their real names. Nor want to. We chat only on wellhello as I do not want my fun to be ruined by my wife finding out.

    A lot of girls to chose from

    Can't send videos in chat

    Good stuff

    This site has A LOT of people on it. i talked to a bunch of horny girls on here. Pretty sure I'm going to meet up with some when this lockdown is over

    Huge number of users
    Easy to chat
    A lot of girls near me

    Didn't find any yet

    Not for serious relationships

    I like girls, and although i normally use 'standard' dating apps to meet people, this time I gave a chance to a more fun-only option. There is no lack of girls on this site. in the end I didn't have the guts to meet up with any, but the options are there for sure!

    many profiles
    some lesbians and couples
    customer service was quick to answer

    some ads even on a paid profile
    the chat didn't work for me until I contacted support

    Positive experience

    I went out on a lot of dates with this site. Everyone was nice and polite for the most part. There was one man who was vulgar and I never went out with him a second time. I didn't meet my true love on a dating site but I was only on it for 6 months. My experience was positive.

    More men than women on this site

    As a woman on this site, you will get a ton of messages, so this is a good thing. With no effort, you will have men approach you. So you can choose the ones that you like.

    What do I have to lose?!

    I am not one for dating sites but I thought ehh what do I got to lose. I was a little hesitant at first after signing up but I ended up really loving this site. I was able to step out of my shell and transform into someone else.

    Gained Confindence
    Met some great guys

    Met some Creeps
    Was Hesitant to Pay for Site

    can't send video

    I got horny with a girl I was messaging and we wanted to send videos, but we could not do that. it's annoying

    Good for hook-ups

    Best dating app I have used so far. It is hard to find something serious though so you may wanna consider some other additional options if you are looking for a serious relationship

    a lot of girls

    not looking for serious relationships

    Good dating site

    Wellhello works pretty well. U probably won't find a site with more active women on it. U just need to invest some time and patience in a good looking profile. Also don't expect to get laid within 24hrs!

    have a backup plan for a not so good date

    When you don't go to bars or out anywhere to meet new people, online is the best way. But also be careful and have a plan before you meet someone. Have your best friend on standby in case things aren't going well. They can send you a text within 10 or 15 minutes and that can be your excuse for leaving. Always meet in a public place too. I have met a lot of very nice people and a few weird ones.

    Thank you wellhello

    It’s simple to make a profile. Easy to navigate and find dates in your area (or more distance if you prefer). I myself made a search within 100 miles and I found the guy whom I am still with to today! But think there are good quality and genuine people to meet on this website.

    fun and easy

    I had a great date last night and feeling positively giddy this morning haha! Doing well at the moment, had a date last week with a guy from here, so this page keeps me busy and active.

    Look out for fake profiles

    watch out! among the women profiles, I found here some spammers requesting to e-mail them in their description. They are easy to spot
    Out of 10 profiles, 2 were spammers.
    But finding girls in my city was great! SO ignore the spammers and carry on with your interests

    Real women


    This dating app got me busy

    I've been a premium subscriber to the site now for a few months, and so far it's been very busy for me. I found women that were really fun to talk to, some that wanted to have wild fun, and I gave them that.
    So I had a fair share os one night stands.

    Super user friendly

    Great site. I love the opportunity to find people to talk to or even meet. Many sites offer the opportunity to meet new people but no other site is as easy to manage and navigate as this site.

    An interesting place to be as a 48old guy

    First off Im 48, not at all ugly, and in good shape, and retired?! The app idea itself is great- my problem is Im in an open marriage- yeah well sorry after years of working on our intimacy shes gone through child birth and menopause and intimacy really low and mine is not! We decided I can go oustside. Im still prefacing this all: I am a personable attractive person looking for friendship and intimacy- that is apparently the place to do it. I am excited about this place

    Good page for hookups!

    I was skeptical at first but in 2 days I found a girl that was too hot to be true and I really liked her a lot. We talked for a few days and I asked her out for a coffee. To my surprise she said yes. And there I was in the coffee shop a 35-year-old man waiting to meet a 24-year-old hot girl. I thought I would go from that place embarrassed and angry. But then she came.
    Oh, man!! She was more beautiful in real life than in pictures. How did it end? Well, it didn't! We still meet and have fun.

    This page fixed my sexual life!

    I found hot hookups in here! I satisfied by the price and what it offers!


    I haven't met anyone, and I'm about to cancel this... and stay single forever. Been nice if I could have met someone but it didn't happen and I'm not happy with it. I'm tired of getting hurt irl.
    some have said I ask them out too fast, others that I am too old for 30 years olds. Damn, I'm in my 60s!

    A lot of guys on this page

    I'm happy I entered this page because there are a lot of guys to choose from. I found many that match my criteria.

    Def one of my fav

    Def in my top 3 sites for shagging married birds

    Tried again and it worked

    I first joined wellhello in August, hoping to get myself back out in the dating world. I went on 2 dates with someone and then decided maybe it wasn’t for me. Then at the beginning of December I decided to try it out again. One of the first people that messaged me, I decided to go on a date with, seeing we had a lot of things in common. The rest has really just been so natural and easy. We have moved quickly with our relationship, but everything has felt exactly the way it is supposed

    After 2 weeks I have my first date

    After 2 weeks of chatting, I eventually met 3 ladies in Odessa, definitely having chemistry with two of them.

    Excited about Wellhello

    I had quite a decent experience with Wellhello. Yes, you get your creeps but you have to be able to see past that and find the good amongst the bad.

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