is the adult date site for you if you’re over 50 and looking for some company, fun, and good times.

This free to join an adult dating site is easy to use, and you see pictures of eligible people as soon as you sign up. To communicate to the ones that got your interest you need to buy coins. For every 5$ you buy 220 coins.

You are not billed a monthly membership fee as other sites do. The coins in your account never expire, and you need to charge only when you run out of coins. 

Every text or chat costs 0.50 cents. You can send 20 emails or texts with 10$

For 25$ you get a bonus and receive 1270 coins. That means you can send over 600 messages


Date4you Reviews

    Ripped Off

    I joined this site this afternoon. I tried to buy 220 coins and only got 20. You can't reach any customer service agent to try and reconcile the problem. All they have is some chat bot that tells you to visit the FAQ page which doesn't load. A total scam!!!

    Dishonest and misleading. No registration email was sent to me. No customer service people available to reconcile issues.

    Lots of dates for me

    It's awesome to be a girl in here. A lot of guys wanna talk to you, so you can pick according to what you like. No effort needed

    I like this page

    I like this place, it's a lot of fun. More so being a girl. You get a lot of messages

    when you start living at 52

    If someone told me that I will start having fun at 52, via online dating sites I would have laughed my ass off. But this happened and I am happy

    don't go for the girls with the best pictures

    In my experience the girls with the best pictures are spammers, so stay away from them!

    user fiendly

    This site is really easy to use. I like it!

    I like the coins

    I like that I do not need a subscription for this page. I play if I pay, I can take brakes, I can come back...

    A good place for elderly people

    It's nice to have a place where you know you can find people your age, that want to date and have fun.

    I like the features

    I like the fact that I can send gifts

    a lot of local girls

    You can find local girls. It's easy to connect


    I like this page, it is easy to use and it has a lot of members.

    Pay attention to details

    When you plan a date here, pay attention at how the men are acting. Some are weirdos. Ask them what they do for a living, and add some additional questions so that you will know if they are telling the true

    5$ well spent

    I never thought I would find my partner in a dating site, but common, for 5$ I gave it a shot. He actually wrote to me and we started chatting. After4 days we met. Still together after 1 year

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