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Free registration

Anyone from the age of 18, who also wants to score a sugar date, swing date, casual date or sex date via ComeWithDaddy dating, can register on the site for free. Signing up to this site is quick and easy. All you have to do is fill in the online application form on the home page of the site. Here you enter your username of your choice, email address, password of your choice, date of birth and postal code. After filling in all relevant information and clicking on sign up, a link will automatically be sent to the given email address. After confirming your registration you can immediately start creating your profile and searching the different profiles on this site.

Email notifications

Once you have signed up, you will notice that from time to time you will receive email notifications from this website via the email address provided. You usually get an email if someone has sent you a message or if an update needs to be shared with the users. Email notifications are not appreciated by everyone. How do you disable email notifications? To turn off email notifications, log in to the site. Under the menu options you'll see a link to 'Email Preferences'. Simply uncheck the emails you no longer wish to receive. After having done this you will no longer receive the email notifications. Pros

  • Free Registration
  • Great For Mature Men
  • Unlimited Chats Cons

  • Layout Is A Bit Heavy
  • Some Profiles Are Not Real Reviews

    Teasing now

    took my mates advice and signed up. I was getting quite a lot of interest and a few dates with this site but now with the pandemic, all my plans got f*** up! We just get horny together and wait for when we can see each other. In the meantime, I am still adding girls to my "to do" list after this passes

    i recommend this site for ladies that want sugar daddies

    I've been on this site for almost two years and I have successfully dated two sugar daddies. I met my current sugar daddy several months ago and it was a great experience.

    Older men mostly

    If you are looking for young guys, this is not the best place. If you want to find some interesting over 30 men, this is it!

    What you will find in here as a man. Not for independent women!

    This is a site where you can find a one night stand with someone's spouse or bimbos that want sugar daddies

    Needs improvement

    This site is ok, but needs improvement. You should be able to filter the ppl you want to see

    No filters

    naughty girls

    Plenty of chicks in here. Most of them want a guy that can take them out and buy them dinner before anything else happens.

    Chose wisely

    "I met two wonderful women on the site and many ladies that were very nice. However, you can not date all of them LOL.

    It's a good page if you have patience

    This site is good to meet new people, looking for love and friendship but beware of some people have bad intentions, scammers,

    In search for couples

    I entered here wanting to meet some couples. There are a lot of single girls and the couples in here are rather old for my taste

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